João Nuno Matos

Software Engineer


Welcome to my homepage.

My name is João Nuno Matos. I am a software engineer based in Porto, Portugal. I am currently finishing my studies at the University of Porto and have working experience as a full stack software engineer.

My main interests lie with developing transactional data services for application backends and databases (both data schema design and possibly database implementation too).

Read on to find more about me or reach me at the links below.

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Working Experience

Software Engineer at Superchat

Berlin, Germany. June 2021 - Present

Superchat is a fast-growing startup in the business of helping SMEs manage their customer relationships using chat-based communication.

During my summer 2021 internship with them, and afterwards as a contractor, I have worked as a full-stack software engineer to implement features around real-time communication, contact management, email handling, and so on.

I have developed features in their web app using React, TypeScript, NextJS and TailwindCSS. I have predominantely worked on their backend services, implementing clean and scalable transactional services using Kotlin/JVM, Quarkus, and PostgreSQL.


BSc+MSc Informatics Engineering and Computing
University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering

Porto, Portugal. September 2017 - July 2022

This integrated course leading to a master's degree mainly focuses on computer science and software engineering topics. Some relevant topics I studied include:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Databases
  • Web technologies
  • Software project management
  • Artificial Intelligence